Reduce risk and save time by deploying our experienced team of project managers and technicians for all of field services needs.

CIS Field Services provides a single team for local hardware installations, maintenance, and support. It saves time and reduces internal management while lowering risk and ensuring all IT and networking projects meet quality standards. Customers also receive a convenient online portal, a technician check-in and verification process, flexible monthly billing, and a massive network of over 42,000 local field service technicians who are insured, trained, vetted, and certified.


Business moves at a fast pace, and downtime is money lost. So when mission-critical infrastructure goes down, you need a partner that responds to situations with urgency and always honors service requests. CIS provides same-day or next-day break-fix support, with an SLA guarantee for on-site service— enabling businesses to get back up and running quickly and efficiently


Even in a wireless world, you still need wires to power and connect vital infrastructure. A good structured cabling strategy provides ease of management, maximizes system availability, and future-proofs the usability of the cabling system. So it’s vital to have a partner who can deal with different needs with consistency and reliability. CIS will handle all aspects of cable management and enable your IT workers to focus on other priorities.


  • Cable drops: CAT3, CAT5, CAT6, coaxial, & fiber
  • Conduit/raceway installation
  • New facility low & high voltage
  • Backboard/ground bar/ground wires
  • Wireless heat mapping
  • Point-to-point system survey & installation
  • Miscellaneous equipment installation
  • UCaaS site readiness & installation
  • Consistent experience nationwide


  • Cabling remediation & clean-up
  • Cable removal
  • Conduit survey, management & repair


IT infrastructures today are increasingly complex. They require many different components such as networking, staging, configuration, implementation, and support. CIS offers a one-stop shop for IT infrastructure and equipment management, reducing complexity while enabling cost savings.


  • Entry facilities construction
  • Circuit ID, DMARC extensions & new circuit activation
  • Network cutover & certification cellular antenna installation
  • Cellular routers & antennas
  • Network cabinets
  • Routers/firewalls/switches
  • WiFi access points
  • Rack and data cabinet installations
  • Router & switches
  • Access points
  • Digital signage
  • Point of Sale (POS) terminals
  • Time clocks
  • UPS installation
  • PC/desktop/printer/office equipment installs
  • UCaaS/VoIP deployments

Surveillance and Access Control

Organizations depend on surveillance and access control systems to protect physical assets from theft and damage. The experts at CIS will install and maintain surveillance and access control equipment, providing maximum reliability and peace of mind.

  • CCTV
  • Security
  • Alarms
  • Access control panels

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