Everything you ever wanted from an aggregator and couldn’t get.

We like to think of ourselves as the anti-aggregators. We turned the model on its head to give you what you expect and a lot that you didn’t, taking the pain out of the process.

More Value

Our managed aggregation services deliver more value to our customers than standard aggregators. You get extra care, attention, and services for less money.

More Flexibility

Never trade the ability to be nimble for convenience again. We offer you all the benefits of aggregation with ultimate flexibility.

Less Risk

Technology change comes with inherent risk. From our agreements and terms to the way we proactively support you, to our attention to security, we reduce that risk.


CIS offers a variety of management services to save time and cut down on wasteful spending.

  • Billing review, comparison, & benchmarking
  • Bill consolidation
  • Site pre-qualification
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract/LOA management
  • Disconnects & cancellation management
  • Transport audit, review, requalifications, & upgrades
  • Single invoice & bill aggregation OR direct billing

Why We're Different

We don’t just say we’re the anti-aggregator, we live it. Here’s how:

What you expect:

  • Single-source procurement
  • Consolidated billing
  • Single-point support
  • 15 years of experience

What you didn’t expect:

  • Different last-mile technologies
  • Powerful portal for service qualification, order status, billing & more
  • Little-to-no term commitment & low-term liability
  • Internally firm qualification leads to 99% install & success rate
  • Contract management
  • Turnkey solution
  • Project managers price the process including permitting & construction
  • Direct relationship & continuity with underlying providers
  • Price negotiation & cost control

Discover the Benefits
of Working with CIS

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