Your customer’s networks don’t fit into a box. Neither do we.

IT leaders are building more complex networks than ever before. They require a different way of thinking and delivering. Traditional service providers simply don’t meet their needs. CIS has a unique approach that empowers partners to step up and step outside of the box.

Unconstrained Success

CIS is the next generation of Network Service provider delivering the highly customized IT Networks that your customers are asking for. We design and build the most complex SD-WAN and managed services solutions in the industry in one simple engagement and process.

CIS Delivers





Project Management


Managed Services


CIS Pays on

What’s different about CIS


We build the highly customized solutions your customers are asking for - sold, managed, and supported through one provider


We cover and pay competitively on more of the network, including Field Services, getting you a bigger slice of a bigger pie


We fill the gaps in services and solutions you may not have access to, like ILEC circuits or Field Services/Cabling 


Put circuits through us or your own TSD (technology services distributor) on your own account, helping you grow your base. We still provide management and support 


Your customers want to own the network but offload the management and support. We structure our agreements to give them the control they want and let go of what they don’t.

Who We Partner With

Traditional Partners and Trusted Advisors

Partnering with us gives you an easy and painless way to sell advanced IT Networks, end-to-end, in one place, and with optimized compensation.


Partnering with us gives MSPs a way to focus on their core services and fill the gaps they can’t or don’t want to support on their own.


Adding CIS as an arrow in your quiver gives your partners access to a standout niche provider that is a total solution for the highly complex and customized networks IT leaders need.

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