Corporate IT Solutions Announces Affordable Option to Expand MPLS Bandwidth

Changes Dynamic in Blended Networks for Enterprise Clients and Reduces Cost

Orange County, February 28, 2014 – Corporate IT Solutions (CIS) offers great news for enterprise multi-location organizations with an MPLS primary network. The expansion of cloud-based applications pushed out to remote locations (especially in the retail industry) has created congestion in the MPLS framework resulting in unacceptable latency. Faced with adding another T1 or Ethernet to expand bandwidth retailers are faced with double the monthly network expenses.

CIS offers a low cost alternative that provides greater flexibility, minimal disruption and expands capacity by a factor of 10. For a fraction of the cost, CIS sources cable, fiber or ADSL from more than 200 providers across North America to increase capacity without disturbing the primary MPLS network. By diverting non-critical, higher bandwidth applications to broadband adequate capacity is made available for POS transaction volume and other business critical systems. By updating the primary network configuration for dynamic failover, CIS creates a redundant, backup plus primary network, at an affordable price point. For a third of cost of adding a T1, CIS is able to deliver 10 times the bandwidth by leveraging best of breed Cable, DSL, and Fiber solutions.  “We’ve had several clients, with large national footprints, tell us that after the network fails over and resets their help desk is often bombarded with calls complaining that systems are running slower,” said Matt Miller, CIS Co-Founder. CIS has had a number of clients make broadband their primary network after seeing the overall reliability, stability, and speed of the VPN solution.

Clients requiring a network SLA may remain on an MPLS primary network, but as a value add, CIS is able to offer a fully managed, packaged solutions in a hybrid network structure. “With CIS it’s much easier to consider changes to a primary network without major disruptions. By adding broadband, our clients gain flexibility, support, and affordability without suffering through a painful and invasive network transition,” commented Miller.

About Corporate IT Solutions (CIS)

Launched in 2008 CIS has been on a mission to change the rules for wide area networking design, creating a new paradigm for the delivery of WAN solutions offering the flexibility and support clients want at a price point that drives down overall network expenses. With more than 10,000 sites installed throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico CIS is a proven business partner that understands the unique IT and network needs of enterprise organizations in the retail, hospitality, healthcare and financial services industries. The CIS product roadmap is an extension of those relationships expanding to add new affordable services requested by clients delivering better support, reliability and security. With innovative solutions validated by a long list of delighted enterprise clients, CIS is as an extension of our client’s IT team. For more information visit

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