CISSDM Becomes CIS In New Rebrand; Highlighting Agility, Power, and Bespoke IT Network Solutions

SAN CLEMENTE, CA– CIS, formerly CISSDM, announced today the launch of their rebrand with a new name, messaging, product architecture, and visual identity. The company was founded in 2008 under the name Corporate IT Solutions (CIS) but underwent a name change and rebranded in 2019 when it became Corporate IT Solutions Software Defined Management (CISSDM – pronounced “system”). 

As the company has expanded its portfolio of services, capabilities, and value to customers since its last rebrand, it sought to update the way it goes to market. The company retained the services of Root23 Agency, a branding agency that specializes in the IT services market. After extensive market research and discovery, including interviews with the company’s customers and partners, the agency discovered that the previous rebrand failed to create a durable brand position and was never absorbed or accepted by its customers.

“We started this process to get a better understanding of how we create value for our customers but along the way, we found that our last rebrand and name change caused some market confusion,” said Matt Miller, President of CIS. “In keeping with our customer-centric philosophy, it felt natural to go back to the name that most customers still know us by.”

Since customers already knew the company as CIS, the recommendation and decision were made to revert back to the original name CIS. The name is no longer an acronym but is a nod to its roots and its core competency – designing, delivering, and managing creative IT solutions for enterprises that have complex needs that out-of-the-box solutions from the last generation of service providers just don’t meet.

As technology changes, the company will continue to evolve. Their ability to be flexible, agile, and holistic when building core IT network infrastructure will remain and that is what makes them a leader in the next generation of IT network service providers. That differentiation is captured in the rebrand and product architecture.

The rebrand introduces a new visual identity as well, including a new logo, which features a wave at its center. Water is powerful and disruptive, as is the company’s technology. It has the ability to ebb and flow. The ocean is vast and ever-changing, As is the robust and dynamic technology that the company provides. It finds the path of least resistance, as does a self-healing and dynamic IT network. It also alludes to the company’s Southern California roots. 

Along with the new name and visual identity, the rebrand introduces new messaging and the productization of its services and solutions into a new product architecture to provide customers, partners, and the market more clarity about who CIS is, when they are a great fit, and why they should choose CIS over a legacy-model IT service provider. 

“This is an exciting time at CIS as we relaunch the CIS name but with a new meaning and accompanying messaging and look for the brand,” says Nate McNair, CTO of CIS. “We’ve been a hidden gem in this industry for over a decade but we hope this rebrand serves as a platform for more customers that could benefit from our unique value and customized approach to find and connect with us so that we can deliver more value to those that need what we have to offer.”

Customers and partners are encouraged to learn more at to learn more while the company’s full new website is in development. 

CIS is a next-generation service provider for custom IT network solutions that meet the complex needs of today’s application-driven enterprise. CIS has the capabilities to design, deliver, secure, and manage SD-WAN networks from connectivity and transport to equipment and field services but empower our customers to own and control their network with a flexible engagement model that can be tailored to support the IT staff where they are strong and provide expertise and resources in the areas where they have needs.

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